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   Oak Park Realty, LLC

Oak Park Realty, LLC was founded in the summer of 2007 by Broker/Owner Jeffrey Check. Jeffrey Check obtained a Real Estate Broker’s License in 1985 and developed, operated, and sold one of Manitowoc’s largest real estate companies. Oak Park Realty, LLC was created  to be the marketing and sales force for Oak Park Developers, LLC.



Oak Park Developers, LLC was founded in 1986 by Michael Check and Jeffrey Check. They were the first in this area to develop twindominium projects. Twindominium is a coined name for a two unit condominium. Oak Park Developers, LLC have developed 9 condominium projects with more than 145 living units which is over 100 living units more than our nearest competitor. (See our new condominiums link for available new units.)

In addition to the 9 condominium projects, Oak Park Developers, LLC has developed 11 residential subdivisions in the city of Manitowoc with over 230 lots. (See our subdivision link for available lots.) Within these subdivisions, Oak Park Developers, LLC contracts with Mike Check Builders, Inc., and Century Home Builders, LLC, your Energy Star Partner to construct the finest spec. homes for sale. (See our new home construction link for available homes.)

Oak Park Developers, LLC has developed some of northeastern Wisconsin's premier Senior Care Facilities and has leased them to some of the state's highest quality Senior care providers. In fact, two are located right here in the city of Manitowoc: Hormony Living Centers.

Apartments in the duplex floor plan is also a product of Oak Park Developers, LLC. To find a high quality duplex, see our apartment for rent link.

When it comes to any type of residential project, Oak Park Developers, LLC is the one stop place from ground up.